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June 28, 2011

Fantastic Prismatic

Fantastic Prismatic

It sparkles. It shines. It dazzles. And its look seems to change with the lighting and viewing angle. No wonder architects and designers are thrilled with ALPOLIC’s Prismatic series offers – and with the fact that the Prismatic palette of 12 available colors is the largest of its kind offered by any manufacturer.

Architects are constantly on the lookout for innovative materials that can help give their projects an edge. With a distinctive, ever-changing visual appeal, ALPOLIC’s Prismatic Series of aluminum composite material (ACM) can transform any building design from ordinary to extraordinary.

Using advanced FEVE technology with specialized mica flake pigments, Prismatic creates dazzling looks that sparkle and shift with the lighting and viewing angle. Few manufacturers make anything like it. And none can match Prismatic’s palette of 12 available colors – each of which has its own “internal palette” of eye-catching appearance changes.

In addition to its distinctive look, Prismatic offers all the same advantages that ALPOLIC® materials have become known for. Prismatic panels are light, flexible and durable. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor cladding applications, and they’re available with a regular or fire resistant core.

“This is another indication that we take our leadership role very seriously,” said Senior Marketing Manager Paul Olson. “Our customers are always on the lookout for materials that can help them push boundaries, achieve their vision, and even provide a spark of inspiration. Prismatic offers that kind of visual impact.”

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