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October 29, 2012

Futurism Blends With Tradition at Iconic Dubai Tower

Futurism Blends With Tradition at Iconic Dubai Tower

Project: Crescent Moon Tower
Location: Dubai, UAE
Designers: Transparent House
Completion: Proposal

“Crescent Moon Tower” is a competitive proposal conceptualized and created by the Transparent House team. Transparent House is a design visualization firm that specializes in three-dimensional and animated architectural renderings.

The proposal was submitted for the 11th ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award, which is given to firms that accurately and creatively produce structures that encourage urban transformation.

Similar to fully developed nations with well-established and advanced economies, Dubai now generates its revenue from tourism, real estate and financial services. Abiding by the competitive requirements, the structure was designed to feature recreational, educational and cultural activities to further promote a booming economy.

As a means of showcasing Dubai’s future direction, as well as signifying its growth from Westernized port city to business hub, the designers employed their grandiose interpretation of futuristic architecture.

While still embracing the city’s rich cultural heritage, Transparent House chose a crescent shape as a symbol of the traditional Islamic world.

images courtesy of © Transparent House

information © Transparent House + Global Cities Index + Arabian Business

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