Inventive Wooden Bridge Design Transforms Amsterdams Architecture
Inventive Wooden Bridge Design Transforms Amsterdams Architecture

Inventive Wooden Bridge Design Transforms Amsterdam's Architecture

November 13, 2012

Project: Footbridge Cafe
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Architects: Laurent Saint-Val
Completion: Proposal/Conceptual

Today, Amsterdam is the largest and most visited tourist destination in the Netherlands. Developing since the 17th century into an economic superpower, Amsterdam is known for its cultural influence on the world.

Its rich architectural heritage radiates through the streets with a heavy mixture of modern and classical architecture.

Yet the use of wood is seldom seen amongst the modern or classic construction. Due to a series of destructive fires in the 15th century, the use of timber as an architectural material was banned and only two wooden structures remain. Replaced with brick, Amsterdam’s architecture shows no material contrast, only generational.

Architect Laurent Saint-Val seeks to reclaim the forgotten wooden medium and showcase it in his modern bridge proposal.

Taking into account the ancient use of the medium, he sought to illustrate a contemporary manipulation of timber in which its flexibility, sustainability and adaptive properties are unmatched by other materials.

Additionally, appropriate bridge-building materials like steel and aluminum were chosen for their ability to create a seemingly lightweight structure that can withstand heavy loads. The remaining aesthetic attributes of the bridge were met with glass. Large windows allow natural light to penetrate the interior, while also creating an unobstructed view of the outside.

The bridge differs from most in that it features a restaurant, bike shop and garden. Saint-Val stressed the importance of a bike shop as a means to promote sustainability and the reduction of automobile pollution in an urban setting.

The extravagant design of the bridge imitates the flow of running water, creating a compelling and rather remarkable proposal.

photos and information © Laurent Saint-Val courtesy of Archilovers

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