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February 7, 2013

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Modernize Local Dealership

ALPOLIC ACM Panels Modernize Local Dealership
Project:Checkered Flag Porsche
Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia
Fabricator/Installer:Roof Services
Architect:Lyall Design Architects
General Contractor:Hourigan Construction
Exterior Panel Manufacturer:ALPOLIC
Products:4mm BSX Silver Metallic
Completion:September 2012

The company which Ferdinand Porsche originally founded was a motor vehicle development and consulting firm. It was commissioned by the German government of  the day to design a “car for the people,” Porsche produced the most successful consumer car of all time, the Volkswagen Beetle. For decades following World War II, Porsche would perfect it’s own signature design and focus on the production of motor-racing vehicles. Today, the brand name Porsche is synonymous internationally with luxury vehicles and the perfection of German engineering.

Consistent with other Automotive Corporate Identity Programs, Porsche chose aluminum composite material to represent its brand on a national basis in North America. As indicated with this specific project, ALPOLIC Silver Metallic ACM was chosen to clad this corporately approved design. The ability of ALPOLIC panels to be curved, coupled with its superior flatness, made it the ideal exterior building material.

Creating both a modern and distinctive design, the fabricators at Roof Services used the ALPOLIC ACM to envelop the entire perimeter of the dealership. In addition, the ACM is wrapped underneath the façade to meet the exterior glass curtain wall, forming a sort of ceiling above the glass. Lighting is affixed between the wrapped panels to offer an exquisite view of the interior at nightfall. The exterior design is consistent with the high-end design of Porsche motor vehicles.

Aluminum and metal composite panels are commonly specified in automotive construction. As with any corporate identity project, consistency as a means of brand recognition is a determinate factor in what building materials will be utilized. The superior color capabilities of ALPOLIC panels allow for customization and brand identity to be adequately represented. The widespread use of ACM in the automotive industry has paved the way for other corporate industries to utilize the material as well.

images © Mark Rhodes for Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America, Inc.

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