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A 3,000-Square-Foot Floral Bouquet

...The 2,700-square-foot four-bedroom home is built to Los Angeles’ strict green building standards. McNall’s “smile part” is the 3,000-square-foot floral-shaped façade that adorns the structure’s public-facing sides. This paean to flower power is a structural wonder that showcases his love of architecture, art, and design.

The façade is composed of aluminum composite material (ACM), a stiff, light, and long-lasting composite metal panel that is offset 9 inches from the house’s stuccoed and glazed inner wall. The gap permits a lighting system to backlight the floral lattice after dark. The floral screen was “a really interesting design challenge because the flowers have to touch in a way that maintains structural integrity,” McNall says. The ACM panels, manufactured by Virginia-based ALPOLIC, were milled by computer numerical control...

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