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Red Is Not Simply Red at ALPOLIC

Red Is Not Simply Red at ALPOLIC

When companies choose to make dynamic color choices in their branding, even small changes in hue can alter the intended visual story. Crimson, scarlet, ruby, brick … there are hundreds of shades to choose from that inspire and assert your brand’s message. ALPOLIC helps to make sure that the desired vision is realized, just as the designer intended.

If you are looking for inspiration, we have over 20 different red finish samples you can order today, free of charge. If our stock colors aren’t a perfect fit, we’ll find the color that is. Through our partnership with Sherwin Williams Coil Coatings (formerly Valspar), we can custom color match practically any shade of red you can dream of. ALPOLIC uses the highest quality fluoropolymer resin, Lumiflon FEVE, to ensure that our colors are truer, brighter and stronger, with up to 70% gloss rate, the largest range in the industry.

Whether you’re trying to inspire a sense of adventure, prosperity, triumph or even appetite, the shade of red you choose tells a story about your brand. If red is a part of your design, trust ALPOLIC to bring that vision to life. Our metal composite materials are manufactured to provide vibrancy, sustainability and lasting color, so when you “see red” you will see the exact shade you need.

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